CCTV Camera Systems

CCTV Camera Systems

With the camera system, you can remotely access live or recorded images of homes and workplaces via mobile phone, tablet or computer. After the cameras are installed in the designated sections, they start recording on the recorder. 

Point Heat Detection - Thermal Camera

Thermal cameras are used for point heat and high fever detection indoors. It is positioned at strategic points when the risk of spreading infectious diseases is high, allowing people with a body temperature above normal values to be prevented from entering the work area.

SAFE Non-contact temperature measurement

EFFICIENT Measuring multiple people at the same time

TRUE Margin of error 3

CCTV Camera Systems
Thermal Security Camera Features

Thermal Security Camera Features

  • Its high technology enables thermographic cameras to detect only human skin surface temperature to reduce false alarms from other heat sources. It ensures compensation with the distance of the measured target.
  • The compensation algorithm ensures that the temperature is compensated by the ambient temperature and the distance of the measured target for better accuracy.
  • Thermal technology is widely applied in temperature screening scenarios as it provides greater flexibility and efficiency in pre-screening high skin surface temperatures.

You can access these images live with mobile applications, watch recordings and take photos. Thanks to the wide range of solutions we offer and our expertise, direct integration with all security applications such as card access, fire and burglar alarms can be achieved. In addition, thanks to the new generation software and Advanced Video Analytics solutions integrated into the video surveillance system, it is possible to define advanced tasks beyond simple monitoring, enabling easier access to the purpose with on-demand searches. Thanks to video monitoring solutions, REFORM customers gain advantages in many different areas such as accessibility, profitability, efficiency, reliability, improved image quality, remote access and control, and integration capability.

It is the ideal solution for families who have to leave their children and elderly relatives with a caregiver, workplaces that want to monitor their employees, etc. It is the ideal solution for a wide range of masses.

Thermal Camera and Maintenance Activities in Facilities

Monitoring with a thermal camera, which has an important place in electrical maintenance activities, provides effective results in predetermining malfunctions that may occur in cables, terminals, panels and motors.

Predictive Maintenance (Warning Maintenance)

Predictive Maintenance (Warning Maintenance)

Predictive maintenance, which is the most comprehensive and advanced maintenance type among planned maintenance activities, is based on the principle of taking precautions by analyzing the measurement values taken during the operation of the device.

In predictive maintenance, devices are monitored from certain points. Technological measurement equipment and software are used for this. By analyzing the measurement results taken at a certain time interval, malfunctions that may occur in the devices are detected in advance. After the analysis, a planned maintenance program is prepared and the device is taken into maintenance. Thanks to this maintenance method, malfunctions that may occur in the devices are corrected before they reach more expensive and large sizes. Since malfunctions are detected in advance, unwanted downtime and part replacement are prevented. This saves costs due to labor, maintenance and production losses.

Stages of Predictive Maintenance Implementation

Stages of Predictive Maintenance Implementation

Measurement: The aim is to prevent the device from malfunctioning. For this reason, the critical points where analysis and measurement will be performed are determined on the device. Necessary measurements are made.

Analysis: Measurement results are analyzed. The origin of the malfunction is examined.

Repair: The detected fault is evaluated depending on the operating program and repair is put into the program.

Predictive Maintenance Methods

Our team, which specializes in predictive robot maintenance applications, uses the following analysis methods during these activities.

  • Vibration Analysis
  • Oil Analysis
  • Temperature Analysis (Thermal Imaging)
  • Ultrasonic Analysis